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Gravity Game Action - Saturday September 1, 2001

Downhill Skateboard Action

2 man and 4 man downhill skateboard competition

The NBC Gravity Games kicked off in Providence Rhode Island today with the 2 man and 4 man downhill skateboard event.  This exciting event featured the top racers in the world.  The 2 man event was won by the Southern California's surfing star Dane van Bommel,  Gary Hardwick took second, and new comer  Mark Golter won  the bronze medal.  In the second event, the 4 man downhill was also won by Dane van Bommel, 2nd place went to Lee Dansie, 3rd place to Alex Wenk and 4th place to Darryl Freeman.    The thrilling event was witnessed by over seven thousand fans that lined the course, called "College Hill". The skateboard racers "flew" through the curves and the top hill 90 degree turn.Dane van Bommell took home $20,000 in prize money for his double gold perfomance.

Intense concentration is shown by the "Saint" during 4 man competition.. 

4 Man Competition Semi-Finals

The athletes demonstrate great courage and daring.

At speeds up to 45 miles/hour only inches separate the racers from each other
and from the ground.  You can see the palm "rollers" visible.

The winner of the consolation round for 5th place.

Dane expresses his delight in winning his second gold medal of the day.

Silver medalist Lee Dansi on the right gets with his friends and
 fellow competitor, Manu Antuna, after the four man finals.
(thanks Keith for the ID)

van Bommel enjoys a view of his fans while a fellow team Dregs
 member supports him on his shoulders.

The president of PrimeMedia Sports Division reads the results of the two man competition.

L-R:  Mark Golter (bronze), Dane van Bomel (gold), Gary Hardwick (silver)

any help identifying athletes in the above photos would be greatly appreciated, email