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Brown University Regains The Governor's Cup 20 -13

Victory Over Rhode Island Marred By Personal Foul  

Kingston, RI 
October 2, 2004
Photos  by Nick Murgo

Davis with the read - Josh White with the block.

Virgil Gray-defensive player of the game with the forced fumble recovery...

...and Virgil Gray on his way to the endzone.

Teddy Gibbons is lifted by Chad Waltrip in celebration of his interception.

Brandon Wenz moving out a Brown lineman.

Rhode Island's Steve Marrella and Dan Heffron did a good job putting pressure on Brown's QB

Davis had 90 yards rushing at the end of the third quarter before being sidelined by a late hit (see below)

Jayson Davis showing why he is the number one rushing QB in  IAA.

Jerel Jones with the run back.

Davis - after this throw he was hit from the blind side with a disabling injury to his right ankle, as a
result of the personal foul by #44 from Brown.


Freshman QB Tracy Williams is called upon to take over for Davis.







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